"A scientist discovers that which exists. An engineer creates that which never was."

Theodore von karman

Finite Element Analysis Services

As a business professional or entrepreneur, you should demand engineering solutions that tackle the toughest challenges. Proof Engineering’s team delivers just that - affordable, high quality Finite Element modeling and simulation and virtual prototyping based designs that address all of your requirements. From simple linear static analyses to car crashes and human body responses, our engineers can assist you in understanding and solving complicated technical problems. Lending to this success, we use state-of-the-art industry tools such as NE Nastran, Femap and LS-Dyna to obtain accurate solutions for the most demanding applications.

Proof Engineering specializes in Finite Element Analysis to accurately predict the performance of products and processes. We effectively solve structural, thermal, fluid and multi-disciplinary engineering problems through state-of-the-art technologies reinforced by years of experience. These tools are applicable to real world problems in a variety of industries. Partnering with Proof Engineering offers the following advantages:


• Loads (forces, temperature, etc.) may be flown down from a system level to a component
• Selection of appropriate or more effective tools for various problem types will be utilized
• Budget friendly approaches can be developed through simplified physical models
• In-house material properties can be leveraged, potential avoiding material testing
• Physical test-correlated models can be created for regulatory purposes and trade-off studies
• Reports in formats accepted by various agencies ranging from the US government to local municipalities can be provided
• Access to HPC (high-performance cluster) computing is available when needed

Why use Finite Element Analysis?

Engineering practitioners today know that there are only two drivers in design/development decision making - quality and cost. Finite element analysis enables the creation of better designs by identifying failure modes early on, reducing the cost of the prototype and helping to avoid warranty costs down the road. Likewise, finite element based optimization is a powerful tool to reduce weight and material. Finite element techniques can be used to dial-in manufacturing processes, sometimes dramatically cutting lead time and cap-ex costs. Fatigue and durability estimates based on FEA results can be a fundamental decision driver for any company developing new products. And in some cases, a finite element analysis study is sufficient to meet government regulations.

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Analysis Types

  • Static stress and strain
  • Critical buckling load
  • Natural frequency (modal)
  • Frequency response
  • Heat transfer
  • Shock response/DDAM
  • Nonlinear materials
  • Creep/relaxation
  • Plasticity
  • Thermo-mechanical stress
  • Fluid-structure iteration
  • Human injury prediction
  • Fracture
  • Reliability


We can help you select or design components for your application from the ground up:

  • Seismic response of steel structures
  • Blast load response
  • Drop tests
  • Thermal stresses in engine components
  • Car crashworthiness
  • Metal forming process
  • Weapon firing event
  • Electronics cooling
  • Projectile impact/penetration
  • Ultrasonic welding distortion
  • Motorcycle road loads
  • Composite structures
  • Crashworthy equipment


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Client Testimonials

ViaSol Energy Solutions CEO:


We’ve been working with the principals of Proof since our company was started.  The Proof team performs so well that we have incorporated their mechanical engineering expertise into our own value proposition. After completing five complex solar projects together, and helping us develop two entire product lines, we cannot imagine working with anyone else.

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