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FE Brief Glossary
FEA - A mathematical technique for analyzing the physical behavior of a system. FEA divides a physical structure into substructures called finite elements. The finite elements are converted into equation form and solved mathematically.

Static Loads - Loads of a fixed magnitude or those that change so slowly with time they can be treated as constant

Dynamic Loads - Loads that vary with time

Steady State Analysis– An analysis whose results are valid for long term, usually some time after an initial transient period

Transient Analysis – An analysis whose results change over a period of time

Multiphysics Analysis - A single analysis simultaneously encompassing more than one physical phenomenon

Structural Analysis – An analysis that finds modal displacements and resultant stresses

Thermal Analysis – An analysis that finds temperature profiles and heat fluxes

Fluidic Analysis – An analysis that finds velocity flows and pressure distributions

Solver - A math engine or collection of algorithms that solves the force, geometry stiffness, and displacement matrices in a structural problem

Preprocessor - An FEA software module used to create geometry, apply loads, boundary conditions, and check input data

Modal Analysis – A method of finding natural frequencies and the associated shapes of vibration

Dynamic Frequency Analysis – An analysis that most often denotes steady-state vibration due to harmonic excitation

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