"Make everything as simple as

possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein


Mechanism of the Month

How a Rear Differential Works

Proof Engineering has created this video to describe how a standard open differential works. All modern cars, whether front or rear wheel drive employ some form of differential. Simply put, the differential allows engine power to be divided among the driving wheels in varying proportions for cornering.


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Finite Element Analysis

Part Handling Simulation

A finite element analysis simulation was performed to simulate a part handling process using LS-DYNA. Shown, is a hand-off between a vibrating bowl feeder and plunger which presents the part to a laser marking device.


Tire Traversing a Ramp

Using LS-DYNA, a finite element analysis simulation was performed to simulate a tire traversing a ramp. The pressurized tire and ramp were modeled accurately in order to effectively describe contact pressures. Additionally, stresses were evaluated along all points of the traversed path.


Airbag Unfolding Simulation

A finite element analysis simulation was performed by Proof Engineering to demonstrate LS-DYNA's airbag capability as applied to airplane evacuation slide deployment. This basic model is the foundation for more complex folding configurations.


Structural Design

Structural Tower Design

This video shows the results of a modal analysis used to help determine the stiffness of a tower structure. Solidworks and structural FEA software were used in conjunction to achieve a robust, safe, and lightweight design in a short amount of time.


Manufacturing Automation

Seam Welding Machine

This is a custom seam welding machine designed by Proof Engineering. The machine folds a strip of fabric in half and welds the sides with streams of hot air. In the past, strips were created manually and the process was slow, tedious, and messy. This solution is nearly 10 times quicker and has no residue issues.


Pneumatic Index Machine

This machine was a unique challenge as it had to operate in a harsh environment consisting of abrasives and liquid. The unit consists of rodless cylinder, air motor, and pneumatic indexer.




What we do

We are engineering problem solvers who can help you to:

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Our Specialties

  • Solar energy projects
  • Material handling equipment
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Specialty vehicle design
  • Transportation seating systems
  • System integration
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Functional prototypes
  • Jig and fixture design


Client Testimonials

Worldwide Laser CEO:


The excellent design and build capabilities of Proof Engineering coupled with outstanding delivery times and completion of projects ahead of schedule have greatly reduced our costs, increased levels of service and quality to our customers along with freeing internal resources allowing us to concentrate on expanding our business. I highly recommend the experts at Proof Engineering for your project requirements.

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