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Custom Manufacturing Equipment

From simple go/no-go gages to complete automated machines, Proof Engineering will work to eliminate your manufacturing hurdles.  We have experience working directly for Tier 1 automotive industry suppliers; our most recent project includes the completion of custom laser marking machines, seam welders, and deburring machines. Our hands-on approach to problem solving means you will get optimal solutions quickly to keep your products flowing.

One of the greatest concerns about machinery is reliability; when a machine goes offline, it costs valuable time and money. To this end, we design our products to be robust and provide the customer with long-term repeatability. By thoroughly understanding customer requirements and striving for simple solutions, we avoid common pitfalls such as overdesigning and using exotic solutions which can lead to bloated costs.

Material Handling

Whether you're moving products from point A to B, or storing parts for assembly, you can benefit from solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Our team can help you in areas such as pick and place systems, 80/20 frame design, conveying systems, storage equipment, and manufacturing cell design. Completed recently for a supplier in the semiconductor industry, our team helped to redesign an automated machine to chemically treat their product at various conveyed positions.

Jigs and Fixtures

Before our jigs and fixtures reach the manufacturing floor, they are designed using the latest in 3D solid modeling tools and virtually tested for accuracy and precision. With the worker in mind, assembly processes are designed to be simple, error proof, and quick. Fixtures may be designed for manual operation or be semi-automated and when required may include features such as poka yokes to prevent human error.


We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Industrial plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing cells
  • Marking machines

Areas of Expertise:

  • Design for Safety Requirements
  • Pick and place
  • Laser marking/etching
  • Fixturing machines
  • Precise workpiece positioning
  • Automated inspection machines
  • Go/no-go gages
  • Storage equipment

Design Capabilities:

  • 3D layouts
  • Sheet metal
  • Precision machine parts
  • Weldments
  • Piping/tubing routing
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Equipment racks
  • Enclosures
  • 80/20 framing systems
  • Ergonomics

White Papers

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Manufacturing Automation Videos

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  • Seam Welding Machine
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    Client Testimonials

    ViaSol Energy Solutions CEO:

    We’ve been working with the principals of Proof since our company was started.  The Proof team performs so well that we have incorporated their mechanical engineering expertise into our own value proposition. After completing five complex solar projects together, and helping us develop two entire product lines, we cannot imagine working with anyone else.

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