"A scientist discovers that which exists. An engineer creates that which never was."

Theodore Von Karman

Heavy Construction Equipment

Proof engineering offers value added engineering to the heavy construction industry through high-value design and analysis. Our focus is on projects that typically demand a considerable degree of engineering, or require specialized mechanical engineering expertise. We focus on problems involving a thorough understanding of design for safety, endurance, and demanding environments.
Assembly and Component Design

Whether your company is designing or improving on an individual component or a sub-system, Proof can meet all your requirements. As mechanical engineers, we thrive in the design and analysis of mechanical components and systems. At our disposal, cutting edge CAD tools coupled with industry experience will propel your project to the next level. Our engineering process and computer resources allow for quick turn-around, while minimizing testing and down time.

Aggregate Processing Equipment

Proof Engineering has designed crushing and aggregate conveying machines for the most demanding environments. Our core business concentrates on those that may be new to market, unique or require specific engineering knowledge of: seismicity, vibration, and/or design for industry regulations. Our practical application of FE tools allow us to predict the performance of a machine or structure when rule of thumb or classical methods are not adequate..


Specialized Auxiliary Attachments & Under the Hook Lifting Devices

Computer aided design and analysis in conjunction with sound engineering principles, enable us to design products that meet the highest standards. Products such as customized under the hook lifting devices may be designed with a high degree of certainty prior to implementation. We are also adept in one-off or low volume equipment that may be subject to safety regulations or unique customer requirements. Additionally, devices that are typically outside a company's scope or are simply overflow, are good candidates for our services.



We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Aggregate processing machines
  • Specialty attachments
  • Portable and mobile equipment
  • Under the hook lifting devices
  • Conveyors
  • Hoppers
  • Farm equipment
  • Railway
  • Support structures
  • Mining machines
  • Specialized agricultural equipment

Areas of Expertise:

  • Static and dynamic loading analysis
  • Material optimization
  • Design for strength
  • Design for safety regulations
  • Mechanism design
  • Structure certification
  • Sub-Assembly Design
  • Vibration analysis
  • Part failure analysis
  • Prototype design
  • CAD modeling
  • Lifting equipment certification
  • Structural failure analysis
  • Packaging
  • Chassis Design
  • Tool and die design



Client Testimonials

Worldwide Laser CEO:


The excellent design and build capabilities of Proof Engineering coupled with outstanding delivery times and completion of projects ahead of schedule have greatly reduced our costs, increased levels of service and quality to our customers along with freeing internal resources allowing us to concentrate on expanding our business. I highly recommend the experts at Proof Engineering for your project requirements.

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