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White Papers


Streamlining the Design of Custom Industrial Machinery

As rapid launch of new products becomes a must, manufacturers of industrial machinery face significant challenges.  They must develop better and more complex machines, deliver them in a shorter time frame and often at a lower cost, just to stay competitive. Engineering companies specializing in custom, application tailored equipment find themselves in a unique situation, being heavily relied upon to deliver a machine that works out of the box with little to no testing or modification allowance. 

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A Cost-effective Approach to Reliability Prediction and Analysis of Mechanical Systems

In 2011, the US Department of Defense issued directive memorandum (DTM) 11-003 with the goal of reducing the cost of acquired military systems through improved reliability. These costs are typically incurred through routine maintenance, field failures, and replacement of systems and components. The directive requires that reliability be tracked throughout a product’s lifecycle, beginning at the design/development phase and continuing through testing/demonstration, deployment, and field operation.

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Estimating Material Cost for a Ground-Mounted PV Tracker Plant

It is well known that one of the best locations for a Photovoltaic Solar Plant is where solar radiation is greatest. In general, these locations are in the southwestern US as shown in figure 1. Other sunny locations include Hawaii and southern Florida. What may not be so apparent is how a solar plant’s material cost may be affected by geographical location. Depending on the terrain, forces on the structure created by wind, snow, and seismic events affect the required size of the structural members which in turn affects overall system weight.

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An Application-Tailored Rock Breaker Tower for Aggregate Processing

Occasionally, the manufacturer of aggregate processing plants may encounter unique structural challenges such as when a structure must support a piece of machinery producing dynamic loads. Machines such as rock breakers and crushers can generate a variety of loads to a structure including static and dynamic loads such as shock and vibration. In the following study, we look at the design of a tower used to support and elevate a rock breaker several stories above grade.

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Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Since the first engineering drawing existed, so have manufacturing tolerances.  Tolerances allow parts to deviate from perfection, but only within defined limits.  The amount of tolerance allowed is usually based on part function.  The limits allow the part to deviate, but a properly applied tolerance will ensure that parts fit properly and function as intended.  The goal is to achieve a balance between high cost, narrow tolerances and lower cost, wide tolerances.

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The Need for an Improved Rotorcraft Restraint System

A safety restraint may be a highly-advanced, cutting edge solution, but if the occupant chooses not to use it, then this technology becomes irrelevant. As an example, a study of the general public in 2003 sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that although 95% of those interviewed agreed that seat restraints saved lives, 22% used them sporadically or not at all (1). Usage of seat restraints is therefore a key consideration when designing any restraint system and understanding the circumstances which discourage their use should be thoroughly understood.

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A Compact Shock Tester Concept Using Velocity Amplification

Considered an integral part of new weapons development, terminal ballistic performance testing of high speed weapons remains an important issue for weapons designers. During target penetration, projectiles are subjected to tremendous forces developed at the weapon-target interface. The resultant decelerations coupled with oblique impact angles of attack and an interaction with structurally non-uniform target materials leads to a complex multi-axial inertial loading environment.

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What we do

We are engineering problem solvers who can help you to :

  • Develop or improve on products
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Investigate and correct failure
  • Design test and validation programs
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Enhance FEA and CAD capabilities

Our Specialties

  • Solar energy projects
  • Material handling equipment
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Specialty vehicle design
  • Transportation seating systems
  • System integration
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Functional prototypes
  • Jig and fixture design

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ViaSol Energy Solutions CEO:


We’ve been working with the principals of Proof since our company was started.  The Proof team performs so well that we have incorporated their mechanical engineering expertise into our own value proposition. After completing five complex solar projects together, and helping us develop two entire product lines, we cannot imagine working with anyone else.

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