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Specialty Vehicle

Proof Engineering can assist you in many specialty vehicle applications. We'll ensure that the designs are robust, economical, and safe through our experience with federal motor vehicle safety standards. Our experience comes from years of working in the automotive industry on cutting edge technology and retrofitting of existing platforms with new products.
We are experienced in designing mobility solutions for vans and minivans, allowing people with disabilities to maintain or regain their freedom of transportation. Proof engineers have worked on a multitude of mobility solutions from simple wheelchair hitch racks to automated side-door wheel chair lifts that involve modifications to the vehicle floor. We can help companies in the industry to dramatically reduce compliance costs.
Next Generation Vehicles

From motorcycles to 3-wheeled vehicles Proof Engineering can assist you with your vehicle project. We know that competition in this market is great, and in order to be successful you must have an edge. Let us help you gain this edge through use of our advanced modeling and analysis tools, and special resources. We will ensure that your design is mechanically sound at each stage of the design process from concept and feasibility to prototyping, saving you time and money.

Specialty Trailers

Proof Engineering has experience with specialty trailers such as those used to make industrial equipment and machinery mobile. In these applications, modifications to an existing trailer may be made to support equipment, or in some cases trailer chassis may be designed from the ground up. Throughout the process our engineers ensure that trailer solutions are affordable, robust, and safe.

Featured Projects

Wheelchair and Scooter Accessible Van



We have

  • Handicap accessible van conversions
  • Concept vehicles and motorcycles
  • Specialized equipment transport
  • Rooftop-mounted machinery/equipment
  • Specialty lifting or hoisting devices
  • Military vehicle modifications
  • Mobile washing vehicles
  • People movers
  • Road trains
  • Trams and shuttles
  • Armor protection
  • Custom chassis
  • Suspension development
  • Truck cabins


Client Testimonials

Worldwide Laser CEO:


The excellent design and build capabilities of Proof Engineering coupled with outstanding delivery times and completion of projects ahead of schedule have greatly reduced our costs, increased levels of service and quality to our customers along with freeing internal resources allowing us to concentrate on expanding our business. I highly recommend the experts at Proof Engineering for your project requirements.

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