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Defense Industry

Engineering for military applications requires an understanding of the harsh conditions and situations that military personnel may endure. In these situations, soldiers must rely on their technology to succeed in their mission while ensuring their own personal safety. Their individual carrying equipment should be lightweight, robust, and reliable; it should perform under any circumstances often in inhospitable environments. The same applies to non-personal equipment which must be easily transported, rugged, and dependable. At Proof Engineering, we understand the importance of technology for military applications and work diligently to provide our armed forces with superior products.

• Truck chassis design

• Design for shock and vibration

• Design for underwater shock (DDAM)

• Specialized trailer design

• Energy attenuating seats

• Energy absorber sizing

• Vehicle rollover simulation

• Blast load crew protection

• Human injury prediction in crash landing and under blast

• Blast load protection and mitigation

• Drop tower test simulation and validation by analysis

• Helmet impact and ballistic simulation

• Rocket motor thermal structural analysis

• Fuel tank sloshing

• Aircraft cargo retention and tie-down design

• Dynamic test fixture design

• Launch and firing event simulation

• Reliability prediction for mechanical systems

• Energy absorbing seating


We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • Personnel Safety
  • Weapon Systems
  • Auxiliary Equipment

Areas of Expertise:

  • Vehicle and aircraft seats
  • Firearms
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Ballistic event simulation
  • Blast protection
  • Crashworthiness
  • Crew safety
  • Equipment ruggedization
  • Structural analysis
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Equipment weight optimization

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The excellent design and build capabilities of Proof Engineering coupled with outstanding delivery times and completion of projects ahead of schedule have greatly reduced our costs, increased levels of service and quality to our customers along with freeing internal resources allowing us to concentrate on expanding our business. I highly recommend the experts at Proof Engineering for your project requirements.

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